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Cargo Bike Danish Cargo Bike Dutch This is a Christiania bike. They are made in a suburb of Copenhagen called Christiania, and are used throughout Europe for transporting kids and goods everywhere.

We bought this when our kids were very young, but after many years of faithful service, our kids have outgrown it, and we no longer need it.

Technically, its a tricycle, so its very stable. The box at the front can easily hold 3 or 4 small kids. As they grow, it can still hold 2 kids and a dog or some picnic gear. Later we used it for shopping. It can easily hold a week's worth of groceries.

Flawless aluminium frame, with black gloss finish. The box has a gorgeous red gloss finish outside, and a wood stain finish inside. Soft padded seat inside the box with a seatbelt. The seat can flip up to hold big items such as groceries instead. Disk brakes front and rear, with a park brake. 8 speed Shimano Nexus hub gear (maintenance-free!). Comes with a removable rain cover. Entry step on both sides for the little ones to get in. It can hold 70kg of weight in the box. The red and white spots are extra reflective stickers we put on.

Its a pleasure to ride, very stable, and a lot of fun for the kids. Hills are a challenge, but we regularly rode it around the Lake, with its many hills.

Take a look at for more info about this bike.

This bike is well-used, much loved, and carefully looked after. The tyres are new. It is in excellent condition. It cost $3000 new. As far as I can tell, there are no distributors in Australia any more, so these are very hard to come by.

We are parting with this with much regret, but we think its better it goes to another family who will use it more than us.


Lyneham, ACT
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