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Aquarium & Pond

Aquarium & Pond

Services - Fish Tank Cleaning, Maintenance, Installation Etc Acumen Aquatics and Vivaria Creating & maintaining all vivaria (aquarium/terrarium/plant installs), natural art, & alt. floristry. 10+yrs experience, WWVP, BSc (Hons.), MPhil.

Fish tank cleaning, pond cleaning, aquarium maintenance, fish tank holiday care and more.

Please contact for a FREE quote.  Servicing the ACT & Queanbeyan region.

Our aim to provide healthy and beautiful living artworks to homes, offices, businesses and public spaces which are low maintenance and cost effective.

We can assist with all sorts of aquatic features, including detailed planted aquariums, river, marine & reef, hard-water cichlid/livebearer, bio-tope, modern, novelty, Feng Shui, nano & pico sizes, open top/emerged plants, aquaculture, specialty designs & more.  Using advanced & ethical husbandry techniques - we can create & customise your perfect aquatic feature.

We also provide a range of planted art and living 'glass-box' features. This includes: terrariums, paludariums, ripariums, insectariums - as well as planted features, suiseki stone arrangements, green walls, indoor/outdoor potted plant features, ikebana, bonsai etc.  Be it classic or quirky, we can have something unique commissioned just for you or your business.

We can also provide all regular maintenance required for your living art, so all you need to do is feed your animals (if present). Maintenance services are also available for the private hobbyist on holiday.

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Belconnen, ACT
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