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Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water


Alkaline Water Filter Jug

3.5 Litre

(includes one free filter with your purchase)

Pure Water Jug water filter jug turns ordinary water into alkaline and ionized water.

To achieve the best filtration we offer a 7 stage filtration system which both filters and adds alkalinity to your water. The filter includes:
Precise gauze, Coconut Activated Carbon , Ion-exchange Resin , Natural mineral ball, Negative ion ceramic ball and a PP pad.

Many people are coming to understand that our diet is too acidic and we need an alkaline balance to prevent or alleviate some health issues.

The good news is water from Pure Water Jug filters will produce water with a pH of  8.5~10.2  and an ORP of up to -200mv

What is pH?   pH is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. It provides a value on a scale from 0 to 14 where 7 is neutral, less than 7 is acidic, and greater than 7 is alkaline  The closer you move towards 0, the more a solution is acidic, and the closer you move to 14, the more a solution is alkaline.

So a pH from Pure Water Jug of between 8.5~10.2 is ideal.

And Pure Water Jug filtered water produces  ORP of approximately: -1 to -200 MV transforming regular water into antioxidant water.

This reduces oxidation of your body and is considered to be beneficial for anti-aging.  

How does this work ?

ORP is the acronym for Oxidation Reduction (REDOX) Potential. ORP is a differential measurement of the mV potentials built up when electrodes are exposed to solutions containing oxidants and reductants. ORP describes the net magnitude and direction of the flow of electrons between pairs of chemical species, called REDOX pairs. RP measures the actual oxidation power of the solution, specifically the strength and number of oxidation and reduction reactions in solution.

The higher the ORP, the greater the number of oxidizing agents.

Think of oxidation as rust on metal or decay in foods, like the browning of a cut apple. Oxidation is a natural process that happens to everyone. As you age, your body tissues suffer from oxidative stress due to the process of oxidation. Oxidation occurs when molecules within your body lose electrons to electrically-charged molecules of oxygen in your blood stream.

These electrically charged oxygen molecules are called "free radicals," and they have the potential to cause damage to cellular DNA.

Over time, the damage can become irreversible and can lead to disease.  
A negative ORP (- mV) indicates the ability to donate electrons, the higher the negative charge, the greater the ability to provide electrons. At this level a food or drink has the ability to be an antioxidant, which is healthier for your body.
Free radicals in your body are oxidants and their ability to oxidize cells is eliminated or reduced by the addition of electrons from foods or drinks with a negative ORP. Again, substances with a high negative ORP are anti-oxidants.
Tap water has an ORP between +20 to +500. Most types of water, including tap water and bottled water, are oxidizing agents as their ORP value is positive.
Alkaline ionized water is an anti-oxidizing agent, as it has a negative ORP value and it is able to donate extra electrons to neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals on the body.  Most other types of water are oxidizing agents as their ORP is positive.
Does the filter remove Fluoride ?
My understanding is as follows. Fluoride is a very small ion (atomic number 9). I believe it cannot be “filtered” out of water (some other sellers suggest fluoride can be removed but we have consulted with chemical experts)

I believe Reverse Osmosis or distillation potentially can remove fluoride but please check this yourself. You may be interested to know Reverse Osmosis removes natural minerals. Reverse Osmosis water is typically acidic and virtually mineral free while ionized water is high in pH and rich in alkalizing minerals. The negative impacts of more acid in the body are obvious and R/O does not help with this delicate alkaline balance.

There is some evidence the Ion resin ‘attaches’ to the Fluoride containing it, but then if the filter is overused, the fluoride detaches and can be released. The Ion exchange resin in our filters may help in some way, but it’s safer to say, conservatively, our filters will not remove Fluoride except and perhaps by binding to the Ion exchange resin.

However the filter certainly removes 90-95% of Chlorine and many other contaminants.
This is why we at Pure Water Jug have spent over two years researching the best water filtration and alkaline producing water available.
Calgon Activated Carbon ( USA imported ): Activated carbon absorb the chlorine, odour, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides.

Ion Exchange Resin ( USA imported ): Adjusts the Calcium and Magnesium content to soften water for better taste. The soft water is more smooth and delicious to drink.
Our jugs have housing material which is food grade :-AS,ABS,BPA free

The capacity is 3.5 litre which is much more convenient than tiny jugs which need constant refilling.
Filter capacity: 300 litres
Our 'Smart' digital indicator reminds you when you need to replace the filter which is every 300 Litres

Filter replacements
The filter is a seven stage filter. The primary filtration will remove 95% of contaminants, impurities, dust, copper, lead, mercury, metals and chlorine.

The carbon in our filters is from Calgon (USA) which is of the highest quality. It’s important that the activated coconut carbon filter is of the highest quality to achieve the best filtration and the best water taste.

We sell 3 filter replacements at just above cost price

One filter is included in the Jug purchase. You will like to know the pH of the water is 8.5 - 10 with the Alkaline balls and mineral balls add important mineralisation to the water.

Please consider buying an extra 3 replacement filters with your Jug from Pure Water Jug.

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Please find a few frequently asked questions :
Q1: Does the Pure Water Jug use/have Tourmaline?
Yes, we Tourmaline is included inside the filter
Q2: Does the Pure Water Jug use/have Zeolite?
Yes, Zeolite is included inside the filter
Q3: It says mineral stones could you say what the stones are?
Maifan stone 4g
Q4: It says Mineral balls - could you please explain what they are?
Tourmaline  5g  
Zeolite ORP balls  5g
Water molecule balls 5g  
Far infrared 10g  
Q5: Could you please explain what PP pads are?
PP pads is made of  polyester fiber to both block the materials from falling out of the cartridge and to filter impurities from water..
Q6 Does the Pure Water Jug use/have Magnesium, potassium, calcium in its pure form?
Magnesium, potassium, calcium is not used.
Q7: If we used 12 litres a day how long would the filter last?
6 months if you use 1.75 Litres a day

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