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Lovely Cream

Lovely Cream

And Chestnut Wood Desk Set Price negotiable - make a reasonable offer!

Moving soon and, sadly, won’t have room for my lovely study furniture in the new place. May consider separating but would prefer to sell as a set, if possible. In addition to being very attractive pieces of furniture, the set also provides loads of storage space, with a pull-out drawer in front that can be used to store a computer keyboard, set of 3 drawers on the right and cupboard on the left. There is also a neat hidey-hole to tuck all your electrical cords through so that they are hidden under the desk when plugged in.

There is a small rub mark on one of the desk legs, courtesy of a previous furniture removalist, and a couple of faint scorch marks on inside of shelves (not at all visible unless you go looking), courtesy of my carelessness with a candle. Otherwise in very good condition.

Dimensions as follows:

Desk =75cm height 77cm depth 165cm length
Hutch= 106cm height 96cm length 34cm depth
Bookcase= 180cm height, 81cm width 32cm depth

Happy to answer any questions or send additional photos and I may be able to help with delivery within Canberra, depending on the timeframe, for $35 to cover petrol. The desk (hutch comes off) will require at least two strong people to move it though as it is very solid – I can help where I can but can’t lift much due to a bad back) .

Originally cost well over $1500 for the bookcase, desk, hutch and chair but looking for $650 for the lot.


Woden Valley, ACT
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