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Stunning All Rounder Moose
15hh, 16 year old, Warmblood/Arab.

Moose is a stunning all rounder, with flashy movement who always aims to please. This boy is truly a special find, and has improved my riding and confidence immeasurable amounts over these past 6 years of ownership. Moose is an extremely talented and capable horse. He has beautiful and expressive movement under saddle, which makes him very enjoyable to ride. He is currently in full work, training wonderfully in lessons with Michael Godding. Moose has also successfully completed several working equitation clinics. He is a quiet, but forward moving horse, and therefore needs a competent rider. Moose really tries his best at everything. He is very calm on trail rides, with or without other horses and he also works well in both the indoor and outdoor arena. Moose is extremely polite and has impeccable ground manners. He is very quiet and patient around children and other animals.  I am really looking for someone that is a good match for this beautiful boy. I would hate for his talent and skill to be wasted. Moose truly has no dirt in him, and will give you as much love back, as you put into him.
He is only for lease as I study in Melbourne. I am looking for a leasing situation for this school year, or potentially longer. I would ideally like a situation where I could ride Moose when I’m home from Uni on occasional weekends or holidays as well.
Moose is currently being agisted at Canberra Equestrian Centre. It would be ideal for his next rider to continue his agistment here.  
If you are interested, please contact me (Lucy Cassella) on 0423278653 or Email

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Rivett, ACT
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Allrounder Mare! Kieriky Miss Ivy, AKA Ivy, is a beautiful 15.1hh-15.2hh ASH x TB mare. Ivy is 12 years old and a beautiful dark brown colour (sometimes goes dappled depending on time of the year). Ivy has been in the family for over 3 years and has taught me so many things and was a real confidence builder for me. She is currently B grade pony club for showjumping (1.05m) but hasn't been jumping much lately and has been doing more showing and dressage, but can be brought back into jumping work. She has been trained to A grade pony club cross country (1.15m) and loves being out in the open and is so bold and courageous on the cross country course! With her previous owner, she was the D grade pony club ODE champion. Ivy has done polocrosse, sporting, mounted games, cattle & sheep work, equitation, jumping, eventing and much more!

Ivy placed 2nd in her first ever jumping equitation round and in the show ring, Ivy stands out with her beautiful movement and stunning presence. She also has a beautiful coat all year round, but especially in summer, as her coat is very short and shiny! She was clipped for the first time ever last winter and didn't flinch a muscle! (Actually seemed to like the sound and feel of the clippers and treated it like a massage ).

Abbey Stock Horse bloodlines (extremely good bloodlines). Ivy has numerous placings in the show ring including age champion at the 2015 Canberra Interschools, always placing either 1st or 2nd in rider classes, placing in hack classes, pairs, fours, etc. Has placed 2nd, two 3rds, and some 4ths at the Canberra Royal Show. Also has numerous placings in showjumping competitions.

Ivy is an amazing jumper and will take the right rider very far. She just needs someone to bring her back into jumping work after her break from it and with an experienced rider, she could be worked to jump up to 1.20m rounds.

We feel that Ivy would be more suited to the eventing or showing lifestyle as that is what she shows most enjoyment doing. Ivy has been jumped over single fences at 1.35m and has trained 1.20m showjumping, but seems to prefer and excel at eventing. Although beginners have ridden Ivy and have trotted around on her, she would suit an experienced rider as she can be forward moving. But in saying that, beginners can be put on her and she can go from a forward horse from more experienced riders, to a slow, easy going horse for beginners as she knows her job. Ivy is the most affectionate, loving mare around and would stand with you all day for cuddles. She is great to float, clip, shoe, tie, etc. Ivy will stand at the float all day at shows and she is currently shod (all 4 hooves) but has previously been barefoot with no issues. She was just shod because she was being ridden quite a lot on roads. Has been ridden on busy main roads alone and with other horses and is happy to go whatever pace. Great on trail rides, can open gates off her, she has been around goats, sheep, cows and dogs etc.

Ivy is eligible for registration with the Australian Stock Horse Society.
Extremely sad sale of a loved family member.  Ivy is only being sold as I am focusing on show jumping and moving into higher heights.  Ivy will not be sold to just any home and we will be very particular that she only goes to the very best loving and knowledgeable home. She will not be sold sight unseen and must be sold to an owner where she will be kept on the property where they reside.  Ivy is currently in light work which is reflected in her price, but as she is brought back into full work and competed more, her price will go up accordingly. Will not be sold upon the matter of 'first in, best dressed' as we will only sell her to the most ecperienced, loving home where she will be competed.

More photos and videos available! (Last photo is from Bungendore Show 2017) Please call or text Georgia on 0456 073 191 or email


Bywong, NSW
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