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Modern Cloth

Modern Cloth

Nappies - Baby Beehinds And Green Nappy Company A range of modern cloth nappies (used for two children) from Baby Beehinds ( and the Green Nappy Company ( Prices are listed below or the whole lot can be purchased for $200.00.  I can deliver to Canberra and surrounding areas. I can supply more photos on request.

The Green Nappy Company - The green nappy is comprised of two parts - the soaker and the cover.  It is easy to use with no fiddly pocket stuffing or snaps required. The soaker is held securely in place by the cover, which is stretchy so a snug fit is achieved.

For sale: 10 soakers, 4 Newborn covers (3.5kg - 6kg), 5 Infant covers (5.5kg - 12Kg)  - $100 (retails new for $285)

Baby Beehinds - Magic all in ones (easy to use like a disposable nappy but with the ability to boost for extra absorbency); Bamboo one sized fits most; and PUL covers.

For Sale: 3 Small (4-7kg) velcro Magic all in ones (2 pink and 1 pink swirl) -  $10 each or 3 for $25 (retail new for $28)

For Sale: 4 medium (6-10kg) velcro (2) and snap (2) Magic all in ones - $10 each or 4 for $30 (retail new for $28)

5 Baby Behind PUL covers - These can be used over over Fitted Nappies, pre folds or the good old terry squares or for extra coverage over disposable nappies. The PUL technology allows the waterproof layers to be breathable yet waterproof so your baby will be kept cool & dry!

For Sale: 4 Newborn (3.5-5kg) and 1 small (4-8kg) - $5 each or 5 for $20 (retail new for $14)

For Sale: 3 Baby Beehind Hemp one size fits most nappies - $10 each or 3 for $25 (retail new for $26)

These are suitable for newborns to toddlers but need a waterproof cover to make them waterproof. Each nappy includes two hemp inserts, 1 long, 1 short that can be snapped into the front or back snaps to give you the ability to customise absorbency as your baby grows.

$5 - $200

Gundaroo, NSW
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Babysense2 Infant Breathing Monitor (New Model) Oricom Babysense2 is Australia’s only Infant Respiratory Monitor registered as a medical device.  I’m selling this as my child has moved up from her cot into a single bed and no longer needs this.  

This is the newer model with the round sensor pads but I’m also selling the older model with the rectangular sensor pads in a different listing.  Overall I find that both perform the same but the newer model has smaller sensor pads and a better looking unit.

The sensor comes in the original packaging, but the audio monitor is not included as I’m still using it. It was originally purchased from ToyRUs for $300 and I’m now asking $80 or nearest offer.

- Constantly monitors the breathing movements of your baby.
- An audible alarm is activated if your baby’s breathing movement slows to a rate of less than 10 breaths per minute or cannot be detected for more than 20 seconds.
- Safe and integrated – the control unit connects to the sensor pads placed under your baby’s mattress.
- Comfortable and unobtrusive passive sensors have no direct contact with your baby and cannot limit or obstruct movement
- Babysense2 cannot be seen or felt by your baby, yet it senses every breath and movement.
- Babysense2 is intended for use as an Infant Apnoea Alarm.

Other items I’m selling include:
- Grotime 5 in 1 Rollover Cot / Single Bed with Grotime Latex Mattress
- Oricom Babysense2 infant breathing monitor (older model)
- Pegar Australian made three seater leather lounge with two recliners
- Aerofit air walker / glider / cross-trainer


Harrison, ACT
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