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Urgent - Wanted

Urgent - Wanted


I am seeking short term accommodation in a one or two-bedroom unit, granny flat or similar, for myself, my two daughters (12 and 10 years of age) and my two Pomeranian dogs (small dogs); prefer non share accommodation.

1. I prefer the short term lease to be available from Sunday 11 September 2016 until Wednesday 30 November 2016 (possibly a week longer); or

2. Wednesday 12 October to Wednesday 30 November 2016 (possibly a week longer).

Our lease is expiring on the 20th September and we do not want an extended lease of any kind as we are relocating to Queensland on the 30 November 2016.

I do not have any rental history to provide to you nor do I have rental references as I have always been a home owner until divorce hit. I have always been meticulously clean and tidy and very ā€œhouse proudā€.

I am seeking accommodation in order of preference;

1. Southside; Weston Creek area or Woden, Hughes, Lyons, Curtin as my daughters attend school in the Weston Creek area; or

2. Tuggeranong area; or

3. Queanbeyan (nice area of Queanbeyan).

I am seeking accommodation that is happy to accommodate my two daughters and that provides a secure fenced courtyard for our two dogs.

I am a smoker but I only smoke outside.

As a majority of our possessions are in storage (with the exception of our clothes, television, computers, the basics, etc.), it would be preferable that the accommodation is at least partly furnished with a double if not queen size bed, lounge and wardrobes, fridge, kitchenette and internet. If there is no bed available, that is okay as we will use our blow up mattress. Okay to have one bed as we are happy to share for the short term.

Also need to know if your accommodation is inclusive of gas, electricity, water and internet.

I am happy to pay a ā€œreasonable rateā€ for this accommodation but not ā€œinflated rateā€ and hope we can negotiate price.

I am happy to pay for the full 6 weeks upfront provided I receive a detailed receipt that I have paid.

If you are able to assist us with this short term accommodation, please contact me on my mobile on: ******** 455 + click to reveal  or by email gra******@******.au + click to reveal  with a title of ā€œAccommodation Availableā€™ so I can easily determine this email from ā€œspam mailā€.

Thanking you kindly.


$150 - $300

Canberra Central, ACT
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