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Campers & Canvas 9" Off Road Selling our Explorer Camper and Canvas Off Road Camper

These were 100% Australian Built in Gosford and hand Sewn by a sail maker (Scott). I can’t say enough about the build quality of these campers. The company went out of business a couple of years ago as they just could not compete with the Chinese built Campers that have since flooded the market.

What you will get is a beautifully built Camper from top to bottom which will give you years of trouble free camping, and resale value. We paid $20,000 for this camper 6 years ago and have taken the big hit on this inital first sale.

Here is a link to a review still on the web for a Lawson Camper which wasn’t available at the time of our purchase but will give you an idea of what the quality is like even with this camper..

Explorer Camper and Canvas Off Road Camper:::

9’ tent with complete Annex and walls

Tropical Roof

Steel Slide out Kitchen

12 volt AGM Battery

Ctek 250s DC DC Charger

Solar panel ready

Projecta 240v Charger

4 of 20 Litre Jerry cans

2 of 4Kg gas Cylinders

Suspension Eight-leaf Al-Ko springs

Brakes Al-Ko Offroad Electric drum

Chassis and Build: 3 mm Duragal chassis, zincaneal sides and floor, 100x50x3 mm Duragal drawbar, 45 mm solid square parallel bearing axle

Suspension: 7 leaf Alko eye to eye ‘Outback’ rebound shackle

Brakes: 10 inch Alko off road electric drum

Coupling: Tregg poly off road

Hubs: 6 stud Landcruiser. Wheels: 15 inch rims

Tyres: 31 x 10.5R15 off road

Water: 70 L Australian-made tank

$11,000 dropped from $15k

Canberra 2905

0411 202 895

$10,000 - $11,000

Chisholm, ACT
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