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Fallen Computer

Fallen Computer

Repairs- Good Quality Service At A Reasonable Price.

Fallen Computer Repairs- Good quality service at a reasonable price.

CERT 4 qualified in IT Computer Repair networking


New computer Installs

Virus/ Malware cleaning

Hardware Installs

Networking- Modem and router installation

will do pick-ups (extra charge applies)

Gaming machine repairs.

3 month warranty on all work requiring reconditioned parts.

Reconditioned Desktops available with 12 month warranty &

Reconditioned laptops with 6 month warranty

(Concession and pension rates available.)

Card Must be Provided

Also My YouTube Channel

and My channel as well

Gamer at Heart My Hobby and also My passion Repairing Computers and Building them and YouTube and doing it all at a good Price Also have My YouTube Channel and My Channel as well 3 Day turn around on Repairs All items must be collected within three weeks of being on the Repair bench if they are not items in question can be used to rein-bust costs of repair and money lost. Concession Card Rates are as follows $45 an Hour and Normal Rates are $75 an hour that is only Labor does not include parts as they are extra within reason will try to do the best price I can if it’s a bulk lot of items or on a budget.

Normal Rate $75 A hour

Student Rates $60 A hour

Pension Concession Card Rates $45 A hour

$45 dollars for Backups

$50 Dollars for Dust Cleaning Blown out with An Air-compressor

$25 Dollars for Diagnostic work Normal rate

$140 dollars for building a machine with parts provides by client

Normal Rate Laptop Screen Replacement 2 hours Labor at Max 1 hours labor at minimum for screen Replacement

$75 Plus cost of replacement screen

$75 + $75 Plus Cost of Replacement screen

concession card Rate Laptop Screen Replacement 2 hours labor at Max 1 hours labor at Minimum for screen Replacement

$45 Plus cost of Replacement screen

$45 + 45 Plus cost of Replacement Screen

Student Rate for Laptop Screen Replacement 2 hours Labor at Max 1 hours labor minimum for screen Replacement

$60 Plus Cost of Replacement screen

$60 + $60 Plus cost of Replacement screen

in most cases screen will need to be ordered in and money upfront for screen orders.

When making inquires about screen repair please include model number of laptop.

Company Policy All Reconditioned Laptops are Parts warranty only does not Include Battery as its Considered a Disposal Item battery may have small amount of power at the time of purchase.


the bottom line is a refurbished laptop is a USED laptop. "Refurbished" is a very broad term that in some cases is very loosely applied to the "condition" section of many item descriptions. EVERYONE has their own definition of what it means and what needs to be done to a laptop for a seller to call their product "refurbished."

In the opinion of most resellers the least that a laptop reseller should do is:

Test the hardware is to insure that the components are working (i.e. motherboard, RAM, keyboard, screen, modem, DVD, etc)

Replace any part that is defective.

Replace any plastic that is broken (i.e. a cracked hinge, a broken latch, etc)

Wipe clean the hard drive, and install a fresh copy of the operating system.

Clean the laptop, and ready it for shipping to the buyer.

when calling for computer repairs please leave a message I will get back to you ASAP I do not normally answer the Phone after 5pm each day unless I am not overly busy with family things or Friends so when calling please make note of the time as if its past 5pm in most cases I will not answer will let it go to voice mail and answer it the following morning.

$45 - $75

Palmerston, ACT
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