Staintune Mufflers - Suzuki Dl1000 Vstrom Staintune Mufflers - Suzuki Dl1000 Vstrom

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Date Posted
23 August 2016
Queanbeyan West, NSW 2620
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Genuine Staintune  slip on mufflers for Suzuki DL-1000 Vstrom (2002 - 2012).

- Stainless steel.  
- Very good condition
- Removable baffles
- Made in Australia to meet Australian noise requirements
- No re-mapping of fuelling required.  Bolt them on and you are good to go
- Reduce weight, improve torque, look great, sound great

Includes easily removable baffles so you can choose what volume of sound you want (street legal vs very loud track).  With the baffles in I found the sound volume to be quite reasonable (until you wrench the throttle wide open!) and they are designed to meet Australian noise control requirements.  With the baffles out you will get all the volume you could possibly want.

They sound and look incredible and once polished a little will look like new.  They have no dents or scratches.

I had these installed on my 2008 DL-1000 and they were the best bang for your buck mod available.  In addition to sounding great (of course) they also reduce the weight of the bike noticeably.  I also found that there was more torque available, especially at low RPMs.

Staintune mufflers are designed so that you don't need to mess around with re-mapping your fuelling or using a dyno or anything.  Just bolt them on and you are good to go.  Easy to install and remove as you please.

The RRP of these mufflers is $1300 and are no longer available. They are the best you can get for the Vstrom.  I am selling them for half price, non negotiable.  If you own a DL-1000, you must have these mufflers.